15 May

The Importance of Golf Shoes

As with any other sport, wearing proper footwear is important to your foot health when playing golf. Your feet carry your body weight and your game could be affected when your feet are unable to give you the proper support. In the case of golf, you would have to do a lot of walking. Taking your shots involve posture and positions that require stable support as well.

Golf swings make your feet slide around uncontrollably. Without adequate traction, your legs and feet may become unstable, which may result in an unwanted knee injury. Moreover, without wearing proper footwear, standing and walking for long periods of time may hurt the spinal column badly.

Are golf shoes really needed to play golf?

Golf-shoesGolf shoes are not a requirement in playing golf, but they are highly recommended.Shoes specifically designed for golf securely anchor a golfer’s feet to the ground when performing these huge swings and shots.

Slipping and sliding while taking a shot is a given in golf. That’s why a person who is playing golf needs shoes that have spikes or cleats. Spikes are the main component of shoes for golf and keep the feet from moving while swinging. Stability of the lower body is necessary to hit the ball more solidly.

Golf shoes also help maintain correct body posture while swinging. While taking a swing, body weight shifts from the right foot to the left foot. During that moment, the body needs to be balanced properly, and these shoes are the best equipment to achieve that control. The spikes grip the ground and keeps feet from sliding especially when playing on a slippery slope.

Another importance of shoes for golf is that they provide support and comfort to the feet while treading the golf course –

Imagine walking around for 10 kilometers,or more, in every round of golf that you play? Some golfers even carry their own golf bags or manually pull a cart containing their clubs. Even when you are utilizing a motorized golf cart, you’ll still be on your feet most of the time. Experiencing this for a full 18-hole course twice or three times a week will take a huge toll on a person’s feet.

Shoes for golf are then necessary to help lessen the effects of walking and standing too long. Golfers can’t afford to slip and slide while walking on moist, ascending or downhill grass. They may become too exhausted to even finish the round, and that makes the game a lot less enjoyable. Plus, the risk of injury is great when striding with ordinary-soled shoes on a moist golf course.

Fortunately, most of the current shoes for golf are engineered so well that it relieves stress by stimulating the pressure points on the ball, sole, and heel areas of the feet.This gives the wearer maximum comfort to endure long hours of play.

Golf shoesGolf shoes also cause less harm to the course’s greens. Greens are vital in the game of golf, and ordinary footwear can tear and damage them. The spikes grip the grass and mud causing less damage to it.
If you are really serious about playing golf, and you want to have a pleasurable experience every time you hit the course, consider investing on a good pair of shoes for golf that is a perfect fit for you.

Without it, a golfer’s game will never be at its best  –

Traction, balance, and comfort are crucial to perform at your highest level, and shoes specially designed for golf are the ones to provide you with it.
In relation to this, make sure that you clean your golf shoes regularly to prolong its life span. Wipe your shoes after every round of play to make sure that no moisture or mud is left.

Adequate care and maintenance for your chosen pairs will guarantee that your money is well spent. Not only that, but it will help you stay safe and comfy on the course, and more importantly, keep you at the top of your game.