Certain features are available on this blog for your ease of use:

Comments section:

The core feature for interaction, this feature serves as the primary avenue for communication between me and you! Here we will be able to discuss aspects of the blog post that you would like to delve in deeper. Not only will you be able to communicate with me, you will also be able to voice your opinions to other readers in this section. Just remember to play nice.

I look forward to creating and collaborating with you!

Social Media Links:

Found a blog post you would like to share with your peers and friends? You may share them through the easy-access social media links. Most (if not all) of the major social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are available for linking for your ease of use. A word of caution, however — I will not be held liable for any and all repercussions incurred for sharing my blog!

Site View:

The layout is set in such a way that it will scale and adapt itself to the device you are viewing it from (HTML 4 for the geeks out there). Be it through a large monitor or 5-inch screen you are viewing the blog from, things will look as they are supposed to be.

Contact me:

If you have any serious or sensitive details that you are not comfortable communicating to me through the comments section, feel free to reach out to me privately. The “Contact me” section allows for that by providing you with multiple ways of reaching out to me if you would wish to do so. Rest assured that I will respond as soon as I can and also, please state if you would wish to keep our conversation or your identity (or both) a secret.

Blog Layout:

A distinct separation between which posts are new, trending and/or hot is available. This allows for quick access to a selection of blog entries depending on the reader’s current reading needs. Another distinct layout-specific feature is the presence of the “breaking news” section. Contained here are posts that are perceived to be urgent or of great importance.

New to the blog? An archive section is also available. Here, blog posts from the past will be sectioned off into little boxes defined by when they were posted. In retrospect, this allows for an easier way to search for old posts if you are familiar as to when they were introduced to the world.

Interactive Section:

What will normally be found here are questions and polls that allows for a quorum-based collection of thoughts from readers. With this feature in place, I will be able to interact clearly with you in terms of defining points and opinions as well as a good view on which direction the blog takes in terms of interests and demands that I might wish to proceed with. Of course, I am not entirely obliged to follow what might be decided there but I will treat each and every single result with utmost respect and gratitude.

Search function:

Most likely than not, you will find a blog post that you would want to refer to from time to time. With the search function in place, you will not need to sift through all the existing blog posts in order to find the one you want! To make things easier, blog posts will have “meta-tagging” in play. Similar to how hashtags work with Twitter and Facebook, meta-tagging allows for an easier and more intuitive and organic way of finding blog posts.